Full Sail University Core 4



Good Morning All!

I know if you’ve been poking around the blog here you’ve seen mention of the Core 4 classes at Full Sail University. I wanted to take the opportunity to share my experiences and give some insight into these classes and why they are so important. I, at the time of this post have finished the last of my core 4 classes (which was only 3 – I’ll explain in a bit) and feel like I can give a pretty accurate review.

I need to first begin by stating that typically each student is required to take 4 core classes here at Full Sail. Creative Presentation, Psychology of Play, Technology in the Entertainment and Media Industries and English.

core 4

I personally was exempt from taking the English course as when I transferred in I transferred my English credit. I can’t speak to that class however the other 3 I certainly can as I just finished the final one.

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