The Online Student Dilemma

I recently did a video (LINK HERE) where I discussed briefly a situation that has come up on more than one occasion at Full Sail University. I am a current online student with Full Sail and I felt that I needed to air some grievances I had with the lack of inclusion for online students. This post will not contain the fun colorful images I usually include in my blog posts, but it will be just me talking about things that being an online student means, things we are not included in and the answer I was given when I asked the school about this.

If you are a student currently, online or campus, or considering enrolling in Full Sail as an Online student, please continue reading.

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Thoughtful Thursday (On Monday) Shaw Academy Photography Course

Shaw Academy Photography Course

I realize I hadn’t mentioned this in some time as I was more focused on Full Sail and Art, but I felt I needed to do a quick update on this. S after my initial review of the course at the time I think I had done 1 class or 1 webinar, and it was the subject of my first Thoughtful Thursday Post. I know this is late again but it’s up okay… LOL

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Thoughtful Thursday #1 – Photography Course

Thoughtful Thursday #1: Photography Course

When I say I am a glutton for punishment I mean it.

This is fun. A Thoughtful Thursday literally just came up with that as I wanted to post about this and needed it to be catchy. This will more than likely be a thing going forward. What’s on my mind this week?

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