Switching Degree Programs @ Full Sail University

Changing your degree with Full Sail University.

I was going to do a video for this and may still however, I feel I am more articulate when typing. I decided I’d add this to the blog here for others who are curious as to how to change your degree and the steps to take to do that.

Before I begin I’d like to first note that I am changing my degree after I completed my core 4 classes as well as after having received my Launch box for the degree program I was enrolled in. I will give details on the process, the launch box as well as other items to keep in mind.

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Project Launch Box

Launch Box Contents & Priceslaunchbox-macbook

Welcome to Full Sail University!!!

If virtual classes weekly sometimes more weren’t enough to sell you on this amazing university well then maybe their Project Launch Box is.

What is this Project Launch Box you say?

Project Launch Box is a program designed to give students the technology and components they will need for their degree as well as careers. Each box is specifically curated for the degree program of choice. So because i am in computer animation, i will receive items that pertain to that course and career. This is not free. You are in fact required to purchase the Launch Box contents that you will be using. You do not have a choice in the items that are given out to you as they are degree based. There are items that every student receives which are: iPad, MacBook Pro, Cables, LoJack security, Apple warrantee and some software such as Office 365.

So Let’s get into the Computer Animation Launch Box at Full Sail University!


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