Sunday Brunch #9 Fundamentals Of Physical Science Week 1

Sunday Brunch #9 Fundamentals of Physical Science Week 1

Yea the name causes even the most seasoned student to cringe. The idea of a college level physical science course is the stuff of nightmares. Required, but not wanted. To think we students, pay good money and a lot of it to be subjected to this…. Too Much? LOL No actually I had it all wrong…… Follow me….

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Sunday Brunch #8 – College Mathematics Course Wrap Up and Hello Fundamentals of Physical Science

Did we make it? Is it over?

Finally, math class is in the books. My grade I am guessing as I don’t know right now because still waiting on final grades to be done but I believe I got a B, so I am good with that. Kills my straight As I was shooting for, but this class was challenging.

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Sunday Brunch #7 – College Mathematics Week 3


This week I did something a little bit different because I wanted to finally roll out the vlog. I recorded a video which talks about the first 3 weeks of College Mathematics as well as going forward. I won’t be doing a formal Sunday Brunch Post this week as I have way more Math to do yet and I …. well…… watch the video and you will see.


Sunday Brunch will do a full wrap up of College Mathematics next Sunday

Sunday Brunch #5: College Mathematics Week 1 Review

Sunday Brunch 9/1/18 College Mathematics Week 1 Review:

Okay so at 11:59 last Sunday I was here posting the Sunday brunch and waiting for the math class to open up. I have to say when it did I was dreading looking at what was in store. Finally, at around 12:30 I looked…….

First impression: OMG!

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Thoughtful Thursday (On Monday) Shaw Academy Photography Course

Shaw Academy Photography Course

I realize I hadn’t mentioned this in some time as I was more focused on Full Sail and Art, but I felt I needed to do a quick update on this. S after my initial review of the course at the time I think I had done 1 class or 1 webinar, and it was the subject of my first Thoughtful Thursday Post. I know this is late again but it’s up okay… LOL

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Sunday Brunch #3: Week 3 Art History

Sunday Brunch #3  8/19/18 Art History Week 3 Wrap Up

Hello everyone! So glad to see you came back I truly hope that doing every week is giving some bit of insight into this class. I will let you in on a little secret… I didn’t seek out anything any student current or former had done regarding the courses in the computer animation course. When I’d made the decision to switch my degree I thought, “I’d better see what I am in for” I did just that and set out to create a space for students coming into these courses to help inform them of what to expect. As I stated these will eventually be a vlog I just haven’t gotten there yet but plan on it. Me and my hatred to be on camera. But I had an idea and I may run with it so be on the lookout for that.

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