Sunday Brunch #1: New site, Week 1 Art History and the Future Vlog

Good evening everyone!!! I’ve decided to start over the Sunday Brunch series because as you can see we are at the .com website for Nerdishgeek 🙂

New Site:

So, after painstakingly going over this WordPress installation I finally managed to figure out how to make it the main wubba lubb hub for the site. Being able to keep everything here is going to be beneficial going forward until I can decide where I want to move the domain to, if I want to move the domain or just buy more space here…. I don’t know that’s in the future. For now, we just maintain as we are.

How we digging this new look? I kind of think it’s appealing but I am biased. Let me know what you all think. I am planning on adding a new index page so the .com will be a sort of landing page with information etc. I just haven’t gotten to that. Any who now that we’ve gone over the site changes I am sure you are asking yourself, “What about Animation Geek?” Well since my degree is changing to a film making focus I have decided to shelf animation geek for the time being. There is no saying I won’t go back to it however, at this time I feel that it might be more work than I want to do and that this set up is far easier to maintain. Let’s be honest Nerdishgeek has always been my brand so it makes sense to use it.

Week 1 Art History:

Okay yes, I did have a bit of knowledge going into this course however I wasn’t fully prepared for the amount of work required. OH, HOLY WOW!!!! Week 1 in my past experience is a time to ease you into the course, give you a few assignments, get to know your class and feel comfortable. NOPE not this class…. BAM right out of the gate it’s a Titanic load of work (Titanic as in the boat, large and in charge). First of all you have like 5 chapters to read in the Art History book… Then you have to do a discussion post on the funerary customs of one culture in those chapters and discuss how it is used today or aspects of it still used today as well as… (BREATHES DEEP) use an image from the reading and CITE it (Brush up on that APA). After that’s finished you have to respond to one classmate’s post. Not so bad I guess however it’s that virtual art tour assignment that will get you.

When they stress time management I am convinced it was because of classes like this. It isn’t that the assignment is hard because to be honest it wasn’t difficult. Free response essays so your opinion in your words so not difficult… But there are 20 of them and steps you have to take to research different areas of the internet, different videos you have to watch in order to answer the prompts. While the assignment itself isn’t hard, it’s just a lot of work, a lot of steps to complete thus taking so long to complete. By the end of 5 days I was wiped out…….

I decided to dip my toes in the water and check out next week’s assignments and I think I might go nuts. We have yet another virtual tour and actual essays to write. OH, MY GEEEESH….!!!!!! This is 100% why they say time management is so crucial. So, to get it all done work on a little bit every day to not get burnt out.

Overall week 1 was trying and boring. Yes, this class is super boring, even for someone like me who likes art and history it’s boring. But it’s mandatory, my understanding is all students will take it eventually.

Future Vlog:

Moving on past the class portion of this post. Because my new degree will require me to be in front of the camera and we all know I am looking forward to that!!!!!!

I am thinking of making a Full Sail Journey Vlog to accompany these posts. I think it might be beneficial to new students and even current students. I’ve watched a few on YouTube that were super informational however the creators just stopped abruptly and weren’t posting anymore content. I want mine to follow me straight through graduation. I want to give insights into the classes like I do in these posts as well as showcase my film projects I will be working on. It’s an idea I am throwing around hopefully I can make it happen however, this class is really packing on the workload, so we shall see. At any rate you can certainly find the Sunday Brunch posts here every week.

Please feel free to follow me on social media links above, I would love to see you all back here next week for week 2 and get some comments going.

Have you taken Art History or are you currently in that class? Thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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