Sunday Brunch #2 Week 2 Art History

Sunday Brunch 8/12/18 Week Wrap Up!

I know it’s late by a few days and for that I do apologize. I am going to make this short and sweet as not much to report on this week within school. But there was stuff…. Isn’t there always? LOL

Art History Week 2:

This week we had a few things happening. I was having a mild anxiety attack over the quiz we were needing to do but was quickly at ease when I realized its open book and multiple choice. Yea… Not that difficult. Thankfully it was graded on the spot so as soon as I hit submit I had my grade which was 100% YAY! GO ME!

Our discussion post was also pretty easy we had to find a piece of art from the text that was a commissioned piece and discuss what the image was to serve and if the commissioner or patron was present or represented within the artwork. We then had to talk about images in today’s society that are commissioned and what their functions are. I wrote about photographs as in professional photographers taking photos and being paid for those images. So not too terribly hard. We of course had to reply to one peer about their post.

The essay this week was a visual analysis paper. I actually have no idea how I did on this because even at the time of my typing this out a few days past the time it was due I still haven’t gotten graded yet. But it was basically we had to pick 3 works of art within the chapters of the textbook for this week and analyze them pointing out formal elements and principals of design. These were given to us as a list in PDF form while examples were provided in the instructions, so elements were like lines, color, shape etc. and principals of design were balance, movement, repetition etc. We had to select two from each category for each image and discuss how we saw them within the pieces. Though it sounds difficult it actually wasn’t once you get going.

Overall it hasn’t been too difficult, just a lot of work involved but all very doable. I know I’d mentioned it being boring in the first post and I can see why for some it is, I on the other hand am finding it rather interesting and the assignments challenging and requiring thought which I like. I don’t know it’s so much boring I mean if you are on things with good time management you can finish assignments and give yourself days off each week to relax. I’ve been finished with the week’s work earlier than it’s due and have had days of relaxation so don’t over think it.

Week 3 Future Look:

In week 3 we select the theme for our art gallery and do a discussion post based on an artist’s inspiration for creating that piece from their time period such as war, race, poverty etc.

All in all, was a successful week not much to report. Stay tuned for week 3 which will be posted as scheduled on Sunday….

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