Sunday Brunch #3: Week 3 Art History

Sunday Brunch #3  8/19/18 Art History Week 3 Wrap Up

Hello everyone! So glad to see you came back I truly hope that doing every week is giving some bit of insight into this class. I will let you in on a little secret… I didn’t seek out anything any student current or former had done regarding the courses in the computer animation course. When I’d made the decision to switch my degree I thought, “I’d better see what I am in for” I did just that and set out to create a space for students coming into these courses to help inform them of what to expect. As I stated these will eventually be a vlog I just haven’t gotten there yet but plan on it. Me and my hatred to be on camera. But I had an idea and I may run with it so be on the lookout for that.


Week 3 done already. One thing is for sure these classes go fast. Which on one hand is good but on the other it’s like uhmmmm wait what did I just miss? Week 3 was really not much. Thankfully it was getting tedious to have to write an essay every week. I am still in the upper 90s for grade in this class, so I am doing it but man… Okay so this week again a titanic load of reading. As usual there was 5 chapters to read and a discussion. We also had to present our theme idea for our virtual art gallery due in week 4 for approval.

The discussion this week was political commentary in art. We were tasked with finding an image that an artist was compelled to create based on their situation such as war, poverty, depression, race etc. Then we had to do a discussion post about it and then discuss the role images use in society today and give specific examples.

I chose this image

I don’t know I liked it, it was a completely made  up event as in it never happened, but it showed the artists idea of a father sending his sons off to war to fight for the romans. I thought it was a powerful image and thought provoking. The idea that the artist had made the event up was what, at least for me made it so much more interesting. So, I wrote about this.

Literally not that hard just a lot of words were needed to fulfill the assignment. Like 150-500 words and cite the source. Blah blah blah

I was very happy to learn my visual analysis paper in week 2 I received a 95% on.

I will take it because out of all these assignments that one was the one I had a hard time with. My feedback from the instructor:


I really enjoyed reading your Visual Analysis paper! I appreciate that you chose three works of different mediums to discuss. Hopefully through this exercise you’ve gained an understanding of how the formal elements and principles of design can be utilized in a variety of media, both in three-dimensional and two-dimensional formats. Great job identifying all of the factual information required. Make sure that your essay is properly formatted in APA style, written in Arial or Times New Roman font. Your discussion of each work thoughtfully engages with the formal elements and principles of design. Keep in mind that your discussion of these works should remain objective, avoiding any personal narrative or reflections. I’d like to see your discussion of balance in Davis’ Ready-to-Wear point to an example of how the artist balanced the visual elements in his work. For example, you could address how the artist balanced the red circle in the lower right corner of the composition with the white square in the upper left corner. You did well analyze how Van Gogh utilized texture in his Starry Night. Overall, you have demonstrated close looking, which is key to performing a thorough visual analysis. Great work!”

I leave you with one piece I analyzed which is my favorite thing EVER!!!


Moving Ahead:

Now we are entering week 4. Non-Western Art

We have to get out virtual art gallery done and submitted by Wednesday. We had to present a theme in week 3 for approval and then based on instructor feedback we have to pick 10 works of art from the Google Arts and Culture website and create a gallery right on that site. (Will link to mine once graded next week) Then after we’ve chosen the 10 pieces that are of our theme we have to write out a 50-word analysis of each work discussing the formal elements and fundamental design elements that it has that makes it fit the theme we chose. I’d like to say this will be easy and for the most part as long as the theme isn’t too broad it would be just again going to take a lot of effort.

There is also a test this week which I am hoping is another multiple-choice open book one cause with 5 chapters and the gallery due it might be a bit hard to fit more essay into the week. The gallery is actually going to be the discussion post on Wednesday and yes as always you will be required to do a peer review of one gallery and discuss it. As I started to seek the images for my gallery I realized it wasn’t going to be easy to find 10 pieces. I think it’s the search in this Google Arts site to be honest. But I am not sure if I can use photographs or if I have to use paintings. I am thinking of doing all photographs or at least some photographs mixed in. Hmmm it’s something to ponder. I kind of wish that this assignment has been available throughout the course. While the instructions were unlocked so we could at least see what was expected, we had to wait on the approval of our theme until week 3 which was the week before it was due. I think had our theme had been thought up in week one and approved we might have fared better to be working on it throughout the course specially when 10 images are needed. But we shall see I mean it’s not impossible just wish I’d had more time to really think about it and do something great with it instead of throwing together something half-heartedly due to time constraint.

Again, we shall see.

That’s about it for this week I shall be back next week with the Art History Class Wrap Up as it will be over next week! Phew… And thoughts on moving ahead into math.

Side note I have added some reviews from my other blog feel free to check them out and keep an eye out for more of course I love doing movie and TV show reviews.

Thank you all for stopping by

Got a favorite piece of art? Show us in the comments and tell us why it’s your favorite.

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