Sunday Brunch #4: Art History Course Wrap Up

Sunday Brunch  8/26/18 Art History Course Wrap Up Week 4

Well we did it! We made it! It’s the end of the road. So, after 4 weeks I have a new-found appreciation for art, not that I didn’t before but I really enjoyed many aspects of this course.

In this 4th week we finished it off with again a Titanic load of reading as well as the art gallery. As I’d stated in previous entries the Google Art Gallery was due this week and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I initially had made it. Again, I think people tend to over think a lot of these assignments in know I do.

So, the art gallery was an interesting task. Finding 10 images to fit the theme was a chore but, in the end,  I managed. I received a 100% on my art gallery which I have to admit shocked me, but I was pleased. I did actually put a lot of effort into that project.   Along with the 10 images we had to submit a word document with image comments. A 50-word comment on the formal elements and principals of design used in the pieces. The gallery was then posted to the weeks discussion board to be reviewed by our peers. And yes, a peer response was due by Sunday.

Have a look at my gallery here: The Beauty and Darkness of Witches


My Grade:

My instructor’s feedback:


 I really enjoyed exploring your virtual gallery! In this project, you’ve utilized the skills of describing and visual analysis developed throughout the course, including the Virtual Art Tour and Visual Analysis Paper assignments. Hopefully you’ve also taken this opportunity to explore themes, artists, or styles that have peaked your interest in the course. 

You did well creating a clear and focused theme. Your gallery title is interesting and captured my attention. I would like to see your gallery description focus more on describing the visual elements that link all 10 images together. Your collection clearly reflects the parameters of your theme. I found your image comments to be well-written and engaging in describing the formal elements and principles of design. Zimka’s The Noon Witch is an excellent choice for your gallery and your discussion of color in this work addresses the visual elements that tie it in with your theme. Overall, you’ve selected an interesting group of works to exhibit and your image comments thoughtfully engaged with the visual elements of each work. Well done!”

What I liked most about this project was the opportunity to see the various interpretations and visions of the theme.

We also had a 20-question quiz, multiple choice and open book. It wasn’t too difficult, but it did take a fair bit of time to complete. I got a 90% and I am good with that. It looks like I will get an A in this course and will move on to the next….


College Mathematics!!!!! Dun Dun Dun Dun!!!!!

Please continue to follow me for more weekly re caps of classes as well as the start of the Nerdishgeek Vlog journey at Full Sail coming in September.


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