Sunday Brunch #5: College Mathematics Week 1 Review

Sunday Brunch 9/1/18 College Mathematics Week 1 Review:

Okay so at 11:59 last Sunday I was here posting the Sunday brunch and waiting for the math class to open up. I have to say when it did I was dreading looking at what was in store. Finally, at around 12:30 I looked…….

First impression: OMG!

I don’t even know where to begin with this.

Once you click on the first open link called “Getting Started” you are given a whole list of other links.

The very first link is your Aleks registration. What is Aleks you ask? Good Question…

So Aleks is a website that you will get to know rather well over the next 4 weeks so play nice. It’s basically your math course. By that i mean this is where you will spend the majority of your time throughout this course. Once registered for the website, you will take a knowledge assessment. Based on your math knowledge you will be given a pie chart. Within this pie chart there are topics (230 of them to be exact), the things you know will be colored in whereas the things you don’t will be greyed out. I have accepted mine will be all grey.

My Knowledge Assessment Results:

Not great but not bad… I at least hit the minimum for week 1’s homework (more on that below)…

Moving on… The areas that are greyed out you will have to work on throughout the 4 weeks to get them colored in. As i stated above there are a total of 230 topics you need to finish before the end of week 4. Doing the work in Aleks acts as your Homework. Each week a certain percentage of the chart must be completed to get credit for the homework. The homework breakdown looks like this:

Example of the problems found in Aleks:

Most everything else within the getting started section is self explanatory. You’ll find the CMA sessions which are the live lectures for the class which mine are scheduled Tuesday Nights from 9pm till 11pm.

OH before i move on let me talk a moment about this:

This in theory is a great idea and resource for students. It’s a way to schedule some one on one time with your instructor to get extra help if you need it. I thought this was amazing until i needed to use it and realized this….

So basically if you need help and don’t realize you need help and it’s passed Tuesday, FORGET IT!!!! Just forget it… This is what you find when trying to use this. My advice sign up for a few sessions the following week and if you need to cancel one do so but at least you have the spot…I must warn you however, if you schedule and individual session with an instructor you are not guaranteed to get your instructor. So you could be working with a completely different person from who you were assigned to which is fine they all work together. Also if you schedule a session and don’t show up you will lose GPS points. So be mindful of the times you signed up so you can be sure to be there or give yourself enough time to cancel.

After you have completed everything in that section you move onto week 1 which looks like this:

On top of all the work you are completing in Aleks you will also have work in FSO to be doing as well. These are in the form of quizes. So your life for the next 4 weeks kinda looks like this…

Week 2 – 4 Schedules:

Some thoughts:

I don’t understand what it is that using the Aleks website is actually doing to teach us. Like I get that it tests our knowledge and stuff and that’s fine to get a baseline of where we are at as far as math goes however, relying on a website to teach the class is lazy in my opinion but we are only in week one so we shall see. We get 2 hours a week with an instructor going over the week information in FSO, but we are in Aleks learning something completely different. This leads to confusion and frustration and I can’t be the only one. One advantage i feel we have however, is the individual sessions should you be able to get one scheduled. Those are going to be hugely beneficial.

I am still unsure how all this will tie into my chosen degree… Hopefully the week 4 assignment will shed some more light on this.

My overall predictions for myself as far as this class goes…

If I get over a B I will be shocked….

It’s not for the faint of heart and for the love of all that is true get a tutor now!!!!

In other random news:

Because i felt so strongly in smashing the MacBook due to increasingly bad frustration i went shopping and found Bean!

Bean is my friend that watches over me whilst i am doing Math and his job is to be there for those moment when i wanna smash they computer… So far he’s been amazing! So everyone say hello to Bean!!!

Have you taken this class?

Are you going to be in this class soon?

Let us know in the comments we can chat.

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