Sunday Brunch #6 College Mathematics Week 2

Sunday Brunch #6

Week 2 – College Mathematics:

I started out like this:

Now I am like this:


Moving into week 2 I was so sick of math already it was crazy. The level of frustration I was experiencing was through the roof. I had managed to find that pacing myself in Aleks was the best strategy as it allowed me to work at a slower pace but still complete assignments. I also found that I could give myself a break one day in the week for me time which broke up the grind of constant math.


Week 2 started off as expected, full of confusion, aggravation and stress. To the point i was already sick of it before i’d even started it. Isn’t it sad when it becomes a chore? Like, something you are just doing to do it and not even getting the benefit from it because your just so over it? Am i the only one who feels this way cause WOW….


Graphing tripped me up a lot. And I still don’t know why. I have this experience throughout this course like stuff I swore I knew I didn’t, like I drew a complete blank when I was faced with the problems. This posed some serious issues for me as it was undoubtedly a source of my frustration. I don’t know how i managed to finish then but i did… Finally…

I managed to get those finished still thinking I did poorly on that section and at the time of writing this I hadn’t been graded so I don’t know for sure. Probability and statistics wasn’t super hard but it was a bit tedious. I kinda got the concept fairly quickly however, in some aspects of it I was still pretty clueless. I am again not entirely sure how I did on that yet.

Waiting for grades like:

The weekly quiz which is always in Aleks wasn’t too bad I think I got an 80% on that so I will take it because I just at this point am like I passed moving on. Like completely have thrown the idea of an A out the window and am focusing on passing.

Homework this week was 138 topics due by today which I did however, again it seems like it takes so much time to do them these days. Almost like the problems are requiring more steps… By design I am sure. I haven’t even touched the geometry aspect of Aleks because I am scared to death of that…

This weeks live lecture was open so you could just ask whatever questions you wanted. Basically 2 hours of the instructor at your disposal which is AH-Mazing!!!! It was a great way to usher in week 2 because WOW I needed it as did many other students.

I have to say week 2 overall was a lot smoother than week 1 but it wasn’t free of it’s frustration and aggravation. I am still super stressed but I think dealing with it a bit better than I was previously. I haven’t wanted to smash my lap top this week once to which I attribute to my more positive living approach to life and Bean!!!

I had stated in my previous post i wasn’t sure what Aleks was doing to teach us, well i found that i am actually learning… Who Knew? LOL It’s a miracle. LOL All jokes aside i need to state that i had this all wrong. I understand now why they use it as a toll for students. I think it not only makes it easier for the instructors who can have a lot of students at once to keep everything organized but, it also is pretty beneficial to us students to be able to do math at our pace. So my initial assessment of it being a lazy way to teach was way off it makes complete sense why.

On to week 3 hopefully it will go fast as i am prepared to just pass this class and be done.


Till next week,

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