Sunday Brunch #9 Fundamentals Of Physical Science Week 1

Sunday Brunch #9 Fundamentals of Physical Science Week 1

Yea the name causes even the most seasoned student to cringe. The idea of a college level physical science course is the stuff of nightmares. Required, but not wanted. To think we students, pay good money and a lot of it to be subjected to this…. Too Much? LOL No actually I had it all wrong…… Follow me….

As you might have guessed I wasn’t as hesitant about this course as I was going into math and we all know how math turned out… I was actually once again on the verge of anxiously excited. I wanted it to be okay and I wanted it to be relatively easy. I needed a break after math for real.

Science because why not? This course I actually not what I expected. In that I mean it isn’t at all what you’d think. Where to begin… At the beginning I guess….

Week 1:

This week like most courses I’ve taken uses it’s time to ease you into the course. You get a good overview of the course as well as some instruction from the live session on how things are done. Each week we are required to do a discussion post. This week the discussion post consisted of 2 parts.

The first part required us to ask 2 questions about either the class notes or the lectures. 2 elements of those two things we wanted further clarification on or didn’t quite understand. I chose 2 questions from the class notes. In the getting started link we are directed to download the class notes, 31 pages of everything you need for week 1. Seems like a lot but honestly you won’t use it all. So, I took 2 questions from the topics discussed in the notes.

The second part required us to watch one of 3 videos and chose a prompt to write a response to. I naturally chose prompt #3 and here is why:

Prompt #3:   Why can disposing of the urine in outer space disturb the orbital trajectory of the spacecraft? What other changes or factors might affect the trip in some way? Make your best guess on how the mission would be impacted by this change. Explain your reasoning.

Urine in space… The video was labeled “Is there poop on the moon?” It was interesting how when the astronauts landed on the moon because of weight limitations they left a lot of garbage basically littered on the moon (wonder what that find would be?) and it is said that they left the poop bags as that would also be classified as “trash”…….Yea give that some thought… The only thing that would make that whole story or scenario better, is if they lit it on fire then tossed it out the spacecraft! Nods…

Moving on….

Also, this week we had a knowledge check which is like a quiz if you will that’s “Open Book” and by that, I mean use the 31 pages of notes you downloaded it is all in there…. So that wasn’t too bad.

And last but not least we had a “Science in Action” section which was really like another knowledge check only this time because most of the week was focused on momentum, velocity, movement etc. there were Matrix images being used and we had to answer the questions based of the images. In a couple of the questions we had to use The Projectile in Motion Simulator  which is kind of fun. I mean you can launch humans at a target… It’s a blast who are we kidding? LOL

As well as play Angry Birds…. Yes, we played Angry Birds and answered questions about it… All that money to play a free mobile game what are they? Ohhhhhhhh lol The science of Angry Birds… Who Knew this would be used to teach Science in college lol? What a world we live in….

And the Diagram!!! This was fun. So the diagram assignment required us to find an image of 2 moving objects one flying one not (a plane and a car) and we had to put the arrow and circles where they belonged over the image. I picked the scene from Top Gun where Tom Cruise was riding his bike necxt to the runway and the plane was taking off… Yea good times.

You download this template from FSO

This is what you use to complete the diagram. Once completed you submit it in the section marked diagram. It was a lot easier than it initially looked and because i was at the Go To Session (more on those below) my instructor actually did one with is so it was really simple to follow along.

Go to Training Sessions:

Because I know that’s a question people ask, yes there is sessions…. A LOT OF SESSIONS!!!!! Like many sessions…. I am not exaggerating…. There are many scheduled sessions at all times and days for students to get the extra help they need. While there is one session that goes over weekly assignments etc.… there are loads of other times you can register for and get extra help… The instructors make it impossible to fail this class… I mean there is literally so much help available. So, do take that into consideration. No sessions are mandatory however, I do recommend at least 1 a week, at least the one where the instructor goes over the week’s assignments because honestly, he did that in the first one I attended, and I got 2 thongs done in that one session by following along with him. NO EXCUSES!!!!

Overall not too difficult. As with most courses in the beginning it seems like a lot of work and overwhelming but once you get into it it’s pretty easy. I was finished all my assignments by Wednesday. Hopefully all weeks go this easy.

Coming up Week 2:


If you’d like to watch the vlog, please feel free to click HERE


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