Sunday Brunch #10 Fundamentals of Physical Science Week 2 Wrap Up

Week 2 in the books….OYE


What did we do this week? Pretty much the same as last week. No really except there was a slight change to the content. This week instead of launching people out of cannons we were doing buoyancy experiments. Which to be honest wasn’t nearly as rewarding as launching humans at targets.

Science in Action:

So, at this WEBSITE we played with blocks of wood and brick in oil and water. Good times. NOT… For the first time I found myself needing the aid of the tutoring session offered as there is far too much math involved and I was all kinds of confused. However plus side was there was an instructor available and was easily able to explain where I had made a mistake and help me through the rest of the assignment to which I got a 90% on so I am good with that.

Knowledge Check:

This week’s knowledge check actually wasn’t that bad at all I even managed to get a 100 on it. The actual content of it escapes my memory at this time but I can say this, most if not all the answers were found in the class notes. Those that I was doubting myself on because as I’ve said in the past the notes don’t always translate clearly, I did look up. But all in all, not that difficult and fairly fast completion time.


Our diagram this week consisted of a floating object. It wasn’t too hard considering the instructor does one with you during the weekly class training session at 10 am in the morning. So, if you are able to attend that first session of the week on Monday morning at 10am the instructor goes over all the week’s work and even invites everyone into the first tutoring session block if it runs over to continue the session. He has done the diagrams both weeks so if you know what image you will be using and have the diagram downloaded follow a long sure to get a 100 on it.

My Diagram:

The Discussion:

This week, same as last you had to ask 2 thought out questions from the class notes or lectures or both. Skim the class notes for areas or content you don’t fully understand and ask 2 well thought out questions pertaining to those. Easy Peasy….

The second part of the discussion was again a video and prompt. I chose prompt 1

So, this was a pretty interesting video and bit of information to learn. We aren’t actually touching things. When we sit in a chair we aren’t actually touching the chair there is a gap between our skin and the chair that we with our naked eyes can’t see it as it’s so tiny but it’s there. Interesting stuff really. I found this particular video and prompt to be the most interesting of the 3 thus it was my choice.

Overall this week like last week was fairly quick. You can get a large bulk of the work done in the first couple of days which is good. It’s a bit less stressful than math thank god which I am happy to report I got a B+ in. It did drop my overall GPA to 3.70 from 3.88 but I can bounce back and barring nothing else I do from here on out needs it there is a grade boost I can use if I truly need to. I think another couple of As should being me back up so let’s hope. I am pretty confident I will get an A in Science so there is one.

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