The Munsters Sims Style

Welcome to 1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE!!!!!!


You knew I was going to do this one. The Munsters is one of my favorite TV shows. I had decided when I started this build it was going to allow me a lot of artistic freedom. By that I mean I really did what I wanted with the interior and creation of the family. This is the first Horror House build I have done where I also created the family. I wanted it to be a package deal…

This was a lot of fun and for a vast majority of the house build I did off camera. In this vide I have the family creation, finishing exterior and landscaping, a tour of the house as I’ve envisioned it and a short bit of gameplay where a huge surprise happens for the family! Be sure to hang out for the whole video for that.

I felt within the house I could do pretty much as I pleased due to there being not many great reference images online. We have a lot of photos of the interiors, but they are in black and white and are hard to use when trying to recreate the home. So, I made sure the floor plan was the same and then went into doing the decor as I saw fit.

The basement is an amazing area and I love the wallpaper I used down there with mold on it. I didn’t add any cobwebs or cracks in the walls like you’d find in the Munster home, I figured I’d let people who download the house do that if they wanted to. I really like the house as it is.

So here is the YOUTUBE  of the Munster family creation and house.

*Note – Creating Sims isn’t my strong suit and I am creating a few in this video. I tried to get them to look as I think they would within the sims, so I hope you enjoy them. I can see they will be fun to play with as I’ve already did a bit of gameplay with them.

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