Sunday Brunch # 11 Fundamentals of Physical Science – Week 3 Technical Difficulties…..

Week 3 started off with a major issue stemming from the GoTo Training sessions used by most instructors for class. Let me just say this…. The school needs to make some changes STAT!!

Before i begin here is the Week 3 breakdown

Week 3 started out with a serious technical issue that compromised me being able to attend class. I did a whole video on it and if you’d like to check it out you can view it HERE. Seriously though, the school really needs to make some changes to their policies and how things are done because this was plain crap.

To summarize (the video has more detail) I wasn’t able to register for the 11am tutoring session that my instructor always uses because the 10am class always goes over the time… When I couldn’t register for the class I messaged him to let him know that there was an issue. I even called tech support because it was baffling as to why it wasn’t working. I didn’t hear back from my instructor till the next day!!!! What the ever-loving Cesar’s holy ghost is up with that? Considering the instructor was online when I sent the message because he’d gone into the 11 am session…. He let me know I wasn’t the only one only 1 student showed up and he thought something had to be going on because no one else came in to the class…. Never offered a make-up time, never offered to go over the stuff with me… Just sign up for another time if you need help… Well yeah….

You see I go to the “classes” because he goes more into depth on the assignments, this is beneficial to me I like this it’s the level of assistance I require for this course. If I can’t attend for reasons beyond my control and learn that I wasn’t the only one with this issue… I expect a re schedule would be in order… NOPE!!!! And waited a damn day to e mail me back…

Any who this week we did the same stuff… Well not the same but you know. We had the Knowledge check which wasn’t too bad I think I did okay on it considering I didn’t have the extra help he normally provides, We had the science in action and used a Buoyancy Simulator that was kind of fun. You can play with the simulator HERE

The diagram was on sound waves and I actually had a difficult time finding an image for this one I had to look for a new one after I’d found one so essentially had to start over. And the discussion was the same as weeks 1 and 2. 2 well thought out questions from the notes and watch a video then discuss it in 150 words or more.

What I chose to do my discussion on.

Overall not too bad considering the major mishap we had in the beginning of the week. I did see a change in my grades from week 2 to week 3 they had dropped a bit I think due to lack of the extra help from that class. Sadly. But I guess a B wouldn’t be that bad. Hopefully I have other classes that will bring my GPA back up.

This has been week 3 of Fundamentals of Physical Science…. Come back next week for week 4 course wrap up and a look ahead. Until then be well and thanks for reading.

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