The Sims 4 Kitchen Build.

With all this extra time I have this month, I decided I’d challenge myself to a house build in where I build each room separately. I am hoping they all fit on the plot of land I’ve selected but yea this should be fun. Normally I’d build the outside of the house then create room division and such before adding floors and wall coverings and finishing off with décor items and furnishings. This time I will do the room as a box and decorate and furnish it separate from the house before taking all the completed rooms and putting them together like a big puzzle. I am actually hoping it makes for an awkwardly shaped house in the end because that should be cool.

I have yet to decide what I am gonna call this house or the family that will ultimately be living here so I am for now calling it “Family Home”. In this first installment I give you the kitchen. One of the most essential rooms of the house I feel and one of my favorites to create. It was a lot of fun doing this as just a stand-alone build.

If you want to check out the kitchen video click HERE to view it.


Screen shots of the Kitchen:


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