Sunday Brunch #13 Career Module 1: Personal Branding Course overview and wrap up

The Career Module 1: Personal Branding course is usually paired with Project and portfolio 1. Because I am in the middle of a change of enrollment I wasn’t required to do the Project and portfolio course as it would have been for Computer animation and I won’t be in this degree program next month. The Career module courses all students take as they are added into the degree program’s course load.

This is the overview and wrap up of Career Module 1: Personal Branding.

I honestly had no idea this class would go so fast. So, if your questioning why this is an overview and wrap up in like week 2 well I finished the entire course in like an hour. Yea a full hour….


There is literally nothing to it. Okay well there is a bit… A guidebook that is pretty interesting to read.

It goes over the steps to making your LinkedIn profile more professional and how to audit yourself to weed out any unwanted or negative things that might make your image look poorly to others. What we do online has an impact on our personal brand so what we do reflects who we are. It’s important to conduct personal audits regularly to keep up with how your image looks to online people who can easily google your name.

A vast majority of this class is videos which I highly recommend watching. I learned a lot actually from them which I think is good considering there wasn’t very much to this class. Less is more… Hmmm who knew? Definitely watch the videos because the knowledge check will ask questions about them. The knowledge check was super easy though. 7 questions and some were common sense. Should have little to no issue and as I said most the answers are found in the Lynda videos.

I was rather shocked to discover that after about an hour of work I was finished the course. I thought something was amiss but nope it’s really that quick and that easy. It only counts as 1 credit but it’s an easy A, so I will take it.

I am not 100% sure what class I will have next thought I have an idea. I am going to do a Digital Cinematography course breakdown and a look ahead to my school schedule and classes. I will also include my thoughts about those classes prior to taking them and then compare the thoughts I had before to thoughts and experience while taking them and after.

Sorry Sunday Brunch was short this time, but the class literally was nothing. LOL so don’t stress it too much when you see the career modules paired up with other courses.

Have you taken this course? Thoughts?

Be good friends or at least good at it.

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