The Sims 4 and Nerdishgeek Present: The Life & Times of Zoe Wilder

Zoe Wilder

This is a multipart series I am doing so this post will certainly change as new installments are added. I started this series with the intention of completing The Positivity Challenge as well as getting Zoe to realize her dream of being a successful veterinarian. I created Zoe new and really took the time to make her outgoing and happy. Part of my ongoing effort to live a more positive life.

I had made 2 separate posts of the first two parts of this series and realized I should just do one post. So, this will serve as the official Life & Times of Zoe Wilder post. Here you can catch upon the latest news and happening with Zoe. Please follow me on social media HERE to get updates of when new videos are posted as well as follow the blog here for that and more as well.

I do hope you will find this entertaining and fun. Continue to links for videos as well as more information.

Part 1: Meeting Zoe and building her house

This installment focuses on Zoe’s creation, aspirations and house we build for her. There is real time gameplay as well as speed build added in this installment. It also explains and begins the Positivity Challenge.

Positivity Challenge

The Positivity Challenge was issued by EA at the latest update to the game. It required your Sim to call the event coordinator in this case Millie Bobby Brown, and she’d issue the challenge. It’s at this time you’d be tasked with carrying out good deeds in 4 stages and spreading positivity in the Sims world.

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Once you’ve spoken to Millie and accepted the challenge you will be instructed to change your aspiration to the Challenge Aspiration to begin your challenge. Like other aspirations there are tasks that are required to be done in order to receive credit for them.


Each tier of the challenge is completed you would receive a motivational poster from a stack of gifts left by Millie. b2e419f6674b04f0f99f6e8bc13174dd

Once all 4 tiers are complete you will be given the title “Kindness Ambassador” And you are given a new social interaction to challenge the sim you are talking to to do something kind.

A great challenge issued by The Sims and only for a limited time so if you haven’t started you might want to. While it isn’t difficult to complete, I plan on doing a video of just Positivity Challenge, it’s so much fun.

Part 2: Her life and times plus as an added bonus we get to do the positivity challenge and spread positive vibes all over The Sims…

Let’s be honest I can get behind that. In this installment Miss Zoe gets a job, makes some friends and begins the positivity challenge. this requires socializing and making friends with everyone and anyone who will have her. Spreading positivity is a lot of work…

Part 3: We find Zoe working on making friends, getting promotions at work and struggling to adopt a dog.

We’ve moved in a few neighbors for her to get her social interaction up and are working on her career and promotions. We also learn how hard it is to adopt a dog if your door is locked lol. *Headdesk*

Part 4: Zoe is officially a Kindness Ambassador and adds to her family.

This segment finds Zoe finishing the positivity challenge and being titled a Kindness Ambassador as well as adopting her first dog… Okay first 2 dogs and I think when you meet Princess and Kelly you will see why she took both of them… This segment is created from edited parts of various other videos I did and wanted to edit them down into one video. It ends in a good place I felt to keep the length down.


More to come soon!

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