Sunday Brunch # 14: Visual Arts in the Entertainment and Media Industries (VEM) Week 1.

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Good evening everyone. Wow seems like it’s been forever since the last Sunday Brunch. I hope that Thanksgiving found you stuffed and sleepy lol as eating turkey generally does and if turkey isn’t your thing I do hope that the way you elected to observe or not observe the holiday brought a great day for you.

As I have mentioned a few times I was recently going through a change in enrollment into the Digital Cinematography degree program. I am happy to report that has all taken place and this is the first of those classes. So, without further delay let’s get into week 1 for Visual Arts in the Entertainment and Media Industries.

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See Official Grade Post for this course HERE


If this class sounds familiar it should. I have already take the TEM class or Technology and entertainment in the Media Industries before as part of the core 4. That class, TEM, was specific to the computer animation degree program so thus required. Now that my degree changed I need to take this course, VEM as we will refer to it, as this is specific to this degree program. Not a bad thing I learned a lot from the TEM course and hope to learn a lot from this course as well.

VEM, where to begin? This course actually looked really fun to take. I am really enjoying the assignments so far and how detailed the instructor is with giving instruction. We had our first virtual class Monday night and it was very informational I recommend as always to attend these classes.

The class overall looked overwhelming however it really isn’t. There is a lot there but it’s pretty easy once you get into it.


There was a getting started tab that had everything you need for the course.

getting started

It much like other courses went over all the aspects of the class. Your welcome and brief overview, the due dates and late policy, professionalism as all courses have this, virtual classes and announcements. This section walks you through the door, sits you down and prepares you for the class. Very important section always complete this first.

The next tab that is available is Extra Credit.

Extra Credit

Sometimes this can look scary to a student. I mean if you are looking at a class and see a whole section dedicated to extra credit sometimes, not all, your brain assumes this class must be difficult. I for one have thought this however, I’ve come to realize most of the time this is a way for you to excel in the course if you might have struggled on a couple of assignments. It helps. So even if you are someone who gets good grades, it’s always a good idea to also complete any extra credit there is available to get all the points you can to keep that grade up.

Extra credit requires you to network. Network with peers and industry professionals. Don’t freak out. Yes, there is a requirement to contact 3 industry professionals however you do not need to get a response back in order to get full credit. Just show that you’ve reached out. The instructor covers this in the first virtual class so go to that. Networking with peers is really simple you go to a website create an account post an intro and bam credit given… Follow all instructions to the letter this class is specific and asks for things to be done in a specific way. All outlines and or guidelines are always provided in the instructions so pay attention to those.

Then we find ourselves in week 1

Week 1

The week 1.1 assignment, What can I identify?

What can i identify

All of your assignments contain the section ICE Chest which houses videos and other valuable information you will need to complete your assignment. It’s very important to go over the items in this section before starting the assignment as it gives a great overview of what is expected and can explain things clearly and hopefully answer your questions. This is a valuable resource in this class.

What can i identify instructions

In the actual assignment section, you are instructed to download a folder of images of which you will select one to complete the assignment. Once your image is selected you are given a formula to break down the image and complete the assignment.

Once you’ve completed that you can submit it in the section provided.

We now move into assignment 1.2 Who do I admire.

Who do i admire

Again, the ICE Chest is there and again do pay attention to it it’s a great resource. Once you’ve completed that you move into the assignment. This assignment isn’t that difficult to do despite how it looks.

First you will be instructed to choose a discipline that you will be researching all month. Your options are as follows:

VEM Disciplines

Once you’ve selected your discipline there are questions you will answer.

Who do i admire instructions

These steps are broken down individually in the instructions this is just how it should be formatted for submission. So, the top 5 professionals I chose writing/directing so I’d be tasked with listing my top 5 directors or writers. I chose writing/directing, my top five industry professionals are blah, blah, blah, blah and blah. I picked Blah because blah, blah, blah…. So, on and so forth. You will hit 150 words in no time.

For collaboration you chose one of the professionals you selected and pick 3 people they have collaborated with so for example if you chose writing/directing and one of your top five is Tim Burton you could use as one of the three Johnny Depp as he’s worked with him on a number of projects… You could also say Disney because again he’s done Disney films.

For Branding it’s simple out of your top 5 pick one and describe their branding or style. Again, if Tim Burton is one of yours he’s pretty easy to do as far as his style of movie and brand he conveys to the audiences.

For citing the sources because you haven’t had English yet for most students this instructor don’t require APA formatting just the URL from a credible source where your information was researched. You aren’t going to use what you know as in out of your head. You will actually have to research the person you chose and write about what you learned. Cite that source and you can also use the source for where your image of your professional is from as one of the cited sources.

So, first week very easy actually. We did get a bit of a break in here due to Thanksgiving which is why it only has 3 weeks of assignments. I don’t know if we are missing out on anything or if that’s just how the class is…. I might have to look into that. But all in all, it’s pretty fun. I actually have been enjoying the Who do I admire assignment a lot. I’ve learned a bit about a few directors I’ve chosen and that for me is a win as I love learning new things.

As I mentioned above there are virtual classes that you should attend so there is opportunity to engage with your instructors as there are a few in this course. There is also Mentors in this course which are former students that have done well that can help you with assignments and extra credit.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks of this class and see what comes. I’ve challenged myself to get 100% on everything just as I did in the TEM class, so I am off to a good start…

Come back next week for a week 2 in depth look and my thoughts on class.

If you’d rather see my ugly mug on video talking about this course you can find the vlog by clicking the image below.

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Thank you for stopping by this week. As always if you have questions i can try my best to answer them and if you are currently taking this course or will be let me know what you think.

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