Sunday Brunch #15 – VEM Week 2 Overview…

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Sunday Brunch #15: VEM Week 2 Wrap Up

Another week has passed in VEM and boy was it loaded with awesome. There was a pretty intense project we started and am looking forward to that… SO follow me into the cut for more on this week’s VEM class.

See Grades in the Official Grade Post HERE

VEM Week 2:

Starting out week 2 it didn’t look to terrible. It never does am I right?

Our first task for week 2 was What Do They Do?

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 1.37.24 AM

This assignment tasked us with further research into the discipline we chose. For this assignment we needed to research the responsibilities, skills and the negative impact an event we choose from a list had on the industry. Because this hasn’t been graded yet I won’t post my submissions here however I will update or post at the beginning of next week’s Sunday Brunch.


2 Responsibilities3 Skills4 Negative impact


Our next assignment was the start of our visual research project. This is something that I believe will be more fun as time goes on however I think I did this first assignment wrong, so we shall see.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 1.40.27 AM

First we are given a list of loglines and from them we have to pick one. I picked Darkwing Duck


Then based on the discipline we chose (writing/directing) we had to download a document of questions to answer based on the logline we chose. For me personally because I had choose writing/directing it was considered the writers discipline/blue so therefor I had to down load the writers document.


This is what that looked like:



Image Pre-Production


  • What is your chosen logline from the list given?


  • What type of project have you chosen for your story (one of the three options)?


  • What is the title of your original story?


  • Who are the professionals involved; cast or crew?


  • What is the genre of the project?


  • Who are the characters in the story?


  • What is the main conflict in your story?


  • Create a tagline. What is it?


  • Who is the production company or client that will be producing the project?



Write a 100-250 summary of your original story:



Industry specific questions


  • Explain the beginning of your story concept in at least 50 words.


  • Explain the middle of your story concept in at least 50 words.


  • Explain the ending of your story concept in at least 50 words.


  • Describe the main character. Explain in at least 30 words.


  • Describe the secondary protagonist. Explain in at least 30 words.


  • Describe the main antagonist. Explain in at least 30 words.


  • How will you sell your story to investors? Explain in at least 30 words.


I had mentioned that I thought I did this wrong. I still am not 100% sure I did this assignment correctly so once it’s been graded and I get feedback on it, I won’t comment much on this. So be sure to check out the blog next week for an update.

This assignment is one we will be working on for the rest of class. Over the next few weeks we will have assignments based around this project. This week we just had to fill out the questions on the document we had to download, then post it in the discussion board for other students to see. I am sure there is more to the discussion coming in the weeks to come.

This was a fun project, so I hope I was over thinking it and actually did it correctly but, we shall see.

Also, we have our extra credit to go over. If you’re doing the extra credit and I really think you should. This week required you to go back to the VEM networking page where you posted last week, then find 2 other students whom you feel you could collaborate with and reach out to them. After you’ve responded to two fellow students you then navigate to the submission section and submit the what’s your username and when you submitted it to show the instructors you did actually do the assignment.

Because the extra credit is so easy it’s almost a no brainer to do it along with your work as it can help your overall grade so do the extra credit.

Join me again next week for week 3 wrap up… WOW already half way through the class… And we had time off. Amazing.

Also be on the lookout for the grade updates.

Watch the VLOG post here: (Click Image).

week 2 vlog

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