Sunday Brunch #16 VEM Week 3 Class Overview


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Week 3 has come and gone so quickly. Not much happened this week out of the ordinary but we will review the assignments due and talk about what happened.

Week 3 was actually pretty fun and I will tell you why. For the Visual Research Project I created a poster for my motion picture based on the logline I selected. So since I chose Darkwing Duck I was able to create a poster for that. Again it hasn’t been graded but I will share my poster here.

darkwing poster copy

We also had a few questions to answer to go with our submission

Visual research task 2 deliverable

I had a lot of fun with this project. I think it came out pretty good and I am excited to see what grade I will get. Unfortunately, they are a bit slower with grading as there are a lot of students in this class so it’s a matter of waiting.

For our other assignment due on Thursday we had Who do they work for

who do they work for screen shot

For this we had to select an option from the list below

Who do they work for options

After we chose one and you know I chose Animated Series, we had to answer a series of questions based on research we conducted. So even though I might know a lot about an animation company I still needed to do research as in this class we aren’t allowed to use the knowledge in our heads.

The questions were as follows.

Who do they work for deliverable

Again this updated grade as well as the one for my task 2 in the visual research project will be updated next week. On that course wrap up. I am also considering a complete new post with all my assignments and grades once they are all in to share with everyone. I think I will do that for all my classes just a dedicated post to each so look for that.

Week 3 extra Credit….

This week we had 1 of two options to either seek out a current event or trend and post about it on the networking board or find another post  another student has made about a current event or trend and comment on it.

Extra Credit week 3 option 1

extra credit week 3 option 2

I chose option 1 and here is what I submitted.

Extra credit week 3 current event

week 3 extra credit image

That has been week 3.. So some graphic stuff as well as some research and extra credit. All good times.

Most if not all of the remaining assignments are due on Monday of next week so tomorrow. That being said I will still post the vlog as well as the Blog on Sunday. So look for that. It should be the completion and wrap up of the class before our 3 week break. I am not sure I will do a Sunday brunch over break but I am sure I will get the graded papers out in blog posts for those interested.

Week 3 Assignments & Grades:

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 10.55.05 AM

This will get updated as more grades come in….


Check out the Vlog here (Click Image)

week 3vlog

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