Sunday Brunch #17 VEM Week 4 Course Wrap Up!


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What a month am I right? Well this month has been pretty interesting I will say but overall it’s been good. So, let’s get right into the course wrap up.

I need to begin this post with a look back at week 1. I had mentioned I got perfect scores in the TEM class….

TEM Grades

As such when I learned I would need to take this class as it is degree specific I challenged myself to get perfect grades on everything, all assignments in this class as I’d done in the TEM class. Well my friends I am very happy and proud to share…

I DID IT!!!!

final vem grade

vem assignment grades

Perfect scores on everything. And I wish I could say it wasn’t easy, but I can’t cause it actually was fairly easy to do.

For this week in the What’s my vision assignment we had 2 things due. After the first task of locating 5 images that showcased what we thought our vision was and sharing them to the discussion board we then in this week had to go and respond to 1 student who didn’t have anyone that responded to them. We had to use the rise model to answer a series of questions that were provided to us so that made it all that much easier.


my vision task 2 peer review

Moving on to the next task that is due this week is where we turn that reflection and review on ourselves. We use the self-RISE model to answer the questions given and evaluate ourselves and our project.

rise self

my vision task 3 self reflection

So not too crazy hard at all it was pretty easy to be honest. Moving on to the last visual research project task we had due… In this assignment we have to look back on the project over the last few weeks and reflect on it by answering the questions provided.

vrp task 4 pt 1

Once that was done we had a couple of questions about the class overall as well….

vrp task 4 pt 2

Again, very easy to get done. I actually finished it all in like an hour I did the 2 what’s my vision assignments, visual research project task 4 and the extra credit task 4 in about an hour and a half. So not too bad and fairly easy to get finished quickly.

Oh, and the extra credit task 4 was the exact same task as task 3. So, either find a current event article, video or trend and write about it or you could pick another students post and continue the conversation with them. Again, very easy to do however, finding an article this second week wasn’t so easy, but we did it.

Overall I had a lot of fun with this class and really enjoyed it. I felt the content was relevant to the subject and useful to know and learn as a film student. I also felt it offered a good challenge while not being too difficult. This class was definitely a great class to take I am really glad they had me take it. I wish I’d had the option to take this or the other class when I took the other one.

If you are going to be going into this class or in it already with questions please don’t hesitate to ask I am always here to help.

Check out the vlog for more:

vlog post vem

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