Sunday Brunch #18 – Visual Storytelling 1 Week 1 Overview.

Sunday Brunch #18 – Back To The Grind With Visual Storytelling 1.

Hello fellow geeks. Been awhile huh? I do hope the holidays have found you well and happy. I personally have been playing video games this whole vacation and waiting for classes to start back up. I know, I know I am weird but, ya know, I just love being in school. So, with that being said let’s jump right into Visual Storytelling.


This go around I did something a tad bit different. I decided to start Sunday Brunch this time with a pre-class thoughts. You know a sort of what am I thinking going into it. Going based off the class description here:

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I can tell you I am excited to see where this class takes us. I am curious to the content we will cover and the projects that I will personally be tasked with. I won’t do a grade prediction as I am always working towards the A+ but I can say I don’t think I will fail…. Hopefully I won’t but then again we never know. Going in I am excited, curious and anxious.

Month Overview:


Week 1 tasked us with some reading as many of these classes often do. However, even though it looks like a lot of reading it really wasn’t. I was freaking out a bit when I first saw it.


Storytelling Across Worlds: Transmedia for Creatives and Producers published by Focal Press and written by Tom Dowd, Michael Niederman, Michael Fry, and Josef Steiff – Part 2, Chapter 4 – Motion Picture and Visual Storytelling

Documentary Storytelling, 3rd Edition by Sheila Curran Bernard

Digital Storytelling: A Creator’s Guide to Interactive Entertainment by Carolyn Handler Miller  – Chapter 1 – Interactive Storytelling: A Brief History

Alternative Scriptwriting: Beyond the Hollywood Formula, Fifth Edition by Ken Dancyger and Jeff Rush – Chapter 9 Part 1 -Working with Genre I

The Lean Forward Moment: Create Compelling Stories for Film, TV, and the Web by Norman Hollyn – Chapters 1 and 2 – The Logline and Scene Analysis

Once the reading was taken care of we dove right into our first discussion post which…. I wasn’t aware was due. For me to miss this is a huge upset because I am usually so on top of things, but I had gotten sick and spent a few days in bed and when I looked at the due dates it said January 13th. I assumed stupidly I had time without opening it and well turns out the peer responses were due on the 13th the initial discussion post was due Wednesday. When I went back to re watch the go to training of the week 1 class he’d mentioned it, but I don’t think I was listening at the time I may have been in the restroom. I don’t remember there being talk of a discussion post. Again, I was feeling pretty cruddy, so I was in and out of it as it was.

For our first discussion post we had to select a movie we liked and create a logline for the movie and write a short paragraph about a pivotal scene in that movie. Why we felt the scene was crucial to the movie. For the peer response we had to respond to two of our classmates posts and discuss a different scene from their movie to discuss with them. Use the RISE model of course. It was pretty interesting to read what my fellow classmates came up with. Fun assignment and didn’t take very long.

This week on Monday (at the time of this post it would be today) our mood board was due. This assignment at first was difficult. There is a worksheet that has to be filled out with your mood board that can sort of guide you if you are confused on what to do. I was really confused. I ended up asking to see others from my classmates for inspiration.

Choose 15-20 images that show who you think you are as a filmmaker. See why I thought it was so hard? I don’t know who I am as a filmmaker, so it was pretty hard for me to find 20 pictures. (On the rubric for a better score use 20+ images) Then we had to select a song which I have no idea what to use. I really struggled with this and even waited until today (Monday) to submit it. I really had no idea how I was going to compile such a thing.

Thankfully however, I did finally find my muse and managed to put together something I think is pretty good. This mood board you have to hold on to as it will be used in the first project and portfolio class so make sure you keep it safe somewhere.

Overall week 1 was okay I am really enjoying this class so far with the exception of being under the weather but overall off to a good start.

Come back next week for week 2 overview and assignments…

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