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Welcome to The Sims 4 page here at Nerdishgeek.

A Gameplay Trailer I Created!!! Please have a look!!! Click the image below… 

I started playing The Sims back with Sims 1. Even back then I was a content creator of some amazing items for use in game. Over the years however, I did play but never got into the other aspects of the game. I owned and loved Sims 2, Played Sims 3 and loved it and now own and play Sims 4. My love has always been building things. I love to build homes, furnish and decorate them as well as do the landscaping. That is where I get a majority of my enjoyment from. I wish EA and Maxis would release a Sims build pack with all the build mode items from all the packs.

Below you will find the packs i currently own and use in my creations. As i am still very new to gameplay videos and speed builds i am still getting the hang of it but am confident that my skills as a video maker as well as content creator will only get better. I do not own all the packs unfortunately. The cost of the packs alone is pretty extensive so i have to buy them in spurts. I try to find it in my budget to purchase new content when i can but sometimes it’s not feasible. I work with what i have and enjoy it a lot so as i get more stuff i will be sure to add it to the list below.

So, if you clicked this link you are probably interested in The Sims 4 and how it pertains to Nerdishgeek. Well I play! I decided I’d share my love of Sims with all of you. I know many others do this and have rather successful channels doing this, but I wanted to share my experience. I think it’s fun to share the things you enjoy and that is my aim with showing gameplay and builds.

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Current Challenge: The Gracie Sanderson Stories

For this ambitious undertaking it will require that I start from scratch. Build a family and a home on every lot in every world, Remodel and or demolish and rebuild current homes and other structures that are EA generated. It will take some time however i think it will be fun.

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I currently have every pack available!

The most recent pack released at the time of this edit is Tiny Living 

Coming Soon!!!!!! 

New pack announcements will appear here.  

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