My name is Vincent Kendall but you can call me Vinnie. I’ve always enjoyed geeky related things and been called a nerd a time or two. I enjoy cartoons, computer graphics and technology, movies, books, TV, art, video games, music and a whole bunch of stuff. I love learning new things and am currently learning American Sign Language and French as well as working my way through the bible.

Some things about me:

I love video games

I am a witch and study as well as practice witchcraft

I have an associate of science degree in digital cinematography (Filmmaking)

I am a Ghostbuster ( No really I am)

I love Chinese food

Coffee (Dunkin Donuts) is my beverage of choice.

I enjoy so many things I am pretty easy to get along with we are bound to have something in common.

For now I will continue to update my YouTube channel with gameplay videos and school vlogs as well as learning all I can about the things I am passionate about.

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