Full Sail Journey

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Full Sail University Journey 

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How my journey led me to Full Sail University….

My Full Sail journey started with Computer Animation. I had always been fascinated by the idea of cartoons and loved them my whole life. I still watch them today.  As I grew older I began to have further admiration for the cartoons I grew up with and the ones on TV such as South Park which incidentally became my all time favorite cartoon.


Once South Park changed the face of cartoons for me it was pretty set in motion I wanted to be in graphics some way. I set out in my early college career to do graphic design. I had been dabbling in it in my spare time as a hobby being an amateur  graphics designer on Livejournal. I enjoyed it a lot. The feeling of creating stuff and making others smile gave me a sense of accomplishment. Through those years I taught myself with the help of loads and loads of tutorials and friends how to use Photoshop. I became quite skilled in it. I then dabbled a bit in amateur fan videos and editing as well as web design. All this was done as a hobby because I enjoyed it.

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I realize now that it’s been so long all this time I could have been learning animations. However back in those days I didn’t really know how to go about attending a school online. I went to a campus school and majored in Fine Arts, which was what was available to me on my budget. I do however kick myself in the backside for not attending Rhode Island School Of Design while I lived there for 7 years… I really should have looked into that deeper… Shoulda, coulda, woulda….


In the last few years I’ve gone from a video game art major to a computer animation major, and soon to be a digital cinematography major. I know what your thinking, another degree change? Yes and simply put as i got into computer animation I realized it isn’t for me. As i progressed into the program i had some more insight and found that animations might not be where i want to be. Just because i love cartoons and animation doesn’t necessarily mean i want to be in that particular industry. I am not ashamed to admit i struggled a lot with Maya which is used by a vast majority of the industry to model and animate for games and computer generated media. Maya just wasn’t for me. I couldn’t get the concept of it and found myself on a downward spiral of frustration and aggravation. The more i tried the more i felt like i wasn’t getting it. Sometimes we can’t predict what courses will lead us down the roads we go but we can look back and see where we took the turn. As i set out to research other potential avenues one thing kept coming back to me, my love of making fan videos, editing them together.


As i looked further into digital cinematography it appeared as tho i had been missing this the whole time. I didn’t really do a lot of research on this course prior to enrollment, to be fair i didn’t really do a lot of research on either course so i think i was just jumping at the first one that sounded interesting that wasn’t game art. I will be starting my journey officially as a DCBS major with Full Sail in

November. In the meantime i am currently enrolled in classes that are common classes for both programs so they will transfer and i am getting myself prepared for all the work to come. It will be challenging, the hours will be grueling but i am ready.

This next phase in my life is bound to be nothing short of exciting. I am looking forward to all the new and great experiences i will have and already have the creative juices flowing. I hope you will continue to follow me and stick around to see the assignments and projects i will be doing for school as well as loads of other things i have planned for this blog.

Now that you know a bit more about me and my background please feel free to follow my social media accounts and this blog for updates.

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