The Sims 4 and Nerdishgeek Present: The Life & Times of Zoe Wilder

Zoe Wilder

This is a multipart series I am doing so this post will certainly change as new installments are added. I started this series with the intention of completing The Positivity Challenge as well as getting Zoe to realize her dream of being a successful veterinarian. I created Zoe new and really took the time to make her outgoing and happy. Part of my ongoing effort to live a more positive life.

I had made 2 separate posts of the first two parts of this series and realized I should just do one post. So, this will serve as the official Life & Times of Zoe Wilder post. Here you can catch upon the latest news and happening with Zoe. Please follow me on social media HERE to get updates of when new videos are posted as well as follow the blog here for that and more as well.

I do hope you will find this entertaining and fun. Continue to links for videos as well as more information.

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The Online Student Dilemma

I recently did a video (LINK HERE) where I discussed briefly a situation that has come up on more than one occasion at Full Sail University. I am a current online student with Full Sail and I felt that I needed to air some grievances I had with the lack of inclusion for online students. This post will not contain the fun colorful images I usually include in my blog posts, but it will be just me talking about things that being an online student means, things we are not included in and the answer I was given when I asked the school about this.

If you are a student currently, online or campus, or considering enrolling in Full Sail as an Online student, please continue reading.

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Sunday Brunch #13 Career Module 1: Personal Branding Course overview and wrap up

The Career Module 1: Personal Branding course is usually paired with Project and portfolio 1. Because I am in the middle of a change of enrollment I wasn’t required to do the Project and portfolio course as it would have been for Computer animation and I won’t be in this degree program next month. The Career module courses all students take as they are added into the degree program’s course load.

This is the overview and wrap up of Career Module 1: Personal Branding.

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The Sims 4 Kitchen Build.

With all this extra time I have this month, I decided I’d challenge myself to a house build in where I build each room separately. I am hoping they all fit on the plot of land I’ve selected but yea this should be fun. Normally I’d build the outside of the house then create room division and such before adding floors and wall coverings and finishing off with décor items and furnishings. This time I will do the room as a box and decorate and furnish it separate from the house before taking all the completed rooms and putting them together like a big puzzle. I am actually hoping it makes for an awkwardly shaped house in the end because that should be cool.

I have yet to decide what I am gonna call this house or the family that will ultimately be living here so I am for now calling it “Family Home”. In this first installment I give you the kitchen. One of the most essential rooms of the house I feel and one of my favorites to create. It was a lot of fun doing this as just a stand-alone build.

If you want to check out the kitchen video click HERE to view it.


Screen shots of the Kitchen:


Sunday Brunch #9 Fundamentals Of Physical Science Week 1

Sunday Brunch #9 Fundamentals of Physical Science Week 1

Yea the name causes even the most seasoned student to cringe. The idea of a college level physical science course is the stuff of nightmares. Required, but not wanted. To think we students, pay good money and a lot of it to be subjected to this…. Too Much? LOL No actually I had it all wrong…… Follow me….

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Sunday Brunch #5: College Mathematics Week 1 Review

Sunday Brunch 9/1/18 College Mathematics Week 1 Review:

Okay so at 11:59 last Sunday I was here posting the Sunday brunch and waiting for the math class to open up. I have to say when it did I was dreading looking at what was in store. Finally, at around 12:30 I looked…….

First impression: OMG!

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Thoughtful Thursday (On Monday) Shaw Academy Photography Course

Shaw Academy Photography Course

I realize I hadn’t mentioned this in some time as I was more focused on Full Sail and Art, but I felt I needed to do a quick update on this. S after my initial review of the course at the time I think I had done 1 class or 1 webinar, and it was the subject of my first Thoughtful Thursday Post. I know this is late again but it’s up okay… LOL

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