Switching Degree Programs @ Full Sail University

Changing your degree with Full Sail University.

I was going to do a video for this and may still however, I feel I am more articulate when typing. I decided I’d add this to the blog here for others who are curious as to how to change your degree and the steps to take to do that.

Before I begin I’d like to first note that I am changing my degree after I completed my core 4 classes as well as after having received my Launch box for the degree program I was enrolled in. I will give details on the process, the launch box as well as other items to keep in mind.

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Sunday Brunch #12 – Fundamentals Of Physical Science Course Wrap Up.

We have reached the end of another class. I am probably going to make out with a solid B in this course but feel as though i might have done better had the situation i was in gone differently. I guess with all the mishaps and technical stuff that happened in this course a B isn’t that bad.


This week instead of a lengthly blog post i have actually done a Vlog. The reason is because i needed to document and bring to the public’s attention something that had occurred and sadly isn’t uncommon when attending school online. So please have a look at the video, let me know your thoughts… If you are thinking about enrolling or already have and have yet to take this class…. I’d like to know your reactions.

Click the link below.

When your instructor don’t care about your education, why should you? 

Sunday Brunch #9 Fundamentals Of Physical Science Week 1

Sunday Brunch #9 Fundamentals of Physical Science Week 1

Yea the name causes even the most seasoned student to cringe. The idea of a college level physical science course is the stuff of nightmares. Required, but not wanted. To think we students, pay good money and a lot of it to be subjected to this…. Too Much? LOL No actually I had it all wrong…… Follow me….

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Sunday Brunch #8 – College Mathematics Course Wrap Up and Hello Fundamentals of Physical Science

Did we make it? Is it over?

Finally, math class is in the books. My grade I am guessing as I don’t know right now because still waiting on final grades to be done but I believe I got a B, so I am good with that. Kills my straight As I was shooting for, but this class was challenging.

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Sunday Brunch #7 – College Mathematics Week 3


This week I did something a little bit different because I wanted to finally roll out the vlog. I recorded a video which talks about the first 3 weeks of College Mathematics as well as going forward. I won’t be doing a formal Sunday Brunch Post this week as I have way more Math to do yet and I …. well…… watch the video and you will see.


Sunday Brunch will do a full wrap up of College Mathematics next Sunday

Sunday Brunch #5: College Mathematics Week 1 Review

Sunday Brunch 9/1/18 College Mathematics Week 1 Review:

Okay so at 11:59 last Sunday I was here posting the Sunday brunch and waiting for the math class to open up. I have to say when it did I was dreading looking at what was in store. Finally, at around 12:30 I looked…….

First impression: OMG!

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Thoughtful Thursday (On Monday) Shaw Academy Photography Course

Shaw Academy Photography Course

I realize I hadn’t mentioned this in some time as I was more focused on Full Sail and Art, but I felt I needed to do a quick update on this. S after my initial review of the course at the time I think I had done 1 class or 1 webinar, and it was the subject of my first Thoughtful Thursday Post. I know this is late again but it’s up okay… LOL

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