The Evolution Of Horror


So as some of you may know or maybe not because I’ve been slacking a lot with the blog, I had an assignment due this evening on a component from the film industry. More to the point the evolution of a component… I chose the evolution of Horror because why wouldn’t I? So for the last few days i’ve been putting my all into a video on this subject. I finally completed it and i am sharing it here.


Please click the image to be taken to my YouTube Channel to view the video. It’s only 4 minutes in length.

Sunday Brunch # 20 – Visual Storytelling 1: Week 3 & 4 Course Wrap Up

Hello everyone! I know i am late with week 3 and early for week 4 however, i have done the vlog. I am not sure if i will do a more in depth post here or not of the course but in the meantime you can check out the vlog post that is the course wrap up.

Please click image to be taken to YouTube….

New Year.png

Sunday Brunch #18 – Visual Storytelling 1 Week 1 Overview.

Sunday Brunch #18 – Back To The Grind With Visual Storytelling 1.

Hello fellow geeks. Been awhile huh? I do hope the holidays have found you well and happy. I personally have been playing video games this whole vacation and waiting for classes to start back up. I know, I know I am weird but, ya know, I just love being in school. So, with that being said let’s jump right into Visual Storytelling.

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Visual Arts in the Entertainment and Media Industries (VEM) Grades

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This is the grade post for the class Visual Arts in the Entertainment and Media Industries or VEM. This is just the grades i got for the assignments not a post of the submissions. This post will be updated as more grades are submitted but here is what i have so far.

If you are in need of help with this class or any of the other classes i post about please get in touch with me. I will be happy to help in anyway i can.

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Sunday Brunch #15 – VEM Week 2 Overview…

Sunday Brunch Blue

Sunday Brunch #15: VEM Week 2 Wrap Up

Another week has passed in VEM and boy was it loaded with awesome. There was a pretty intense project we started and am looking forward to that… SO follow me into the cut for more on this week’s VEM class.

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Sunday Brunch # 14: Visual Arts in the Entertainment and Media Industries (VEM) Week 1.

Sunday Brunch Blue

Good evening everyone. Wow seems like it’s been forever since the last Sunday Brunch. I hope that Thanksgiving found you stuffed and sleepy lol as eating turkey generally does and if turkey isn’t your thing I do hope that the way you elected to observe or not observe the holiday brought a great day for you.

As I have mentioned a few times I was recently going through a change in enrollment into the Digital Cinematography degree program. I am happy to report that has all taken place and this is the first of those classes. So, without further delay let’s get into week 1 for Visual Arts in the Entertainment and Media Industries.

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The Online Student Dilemma

I recently did a video (LINK HERE) where I discussed briefly a situation that has come up on more than one occasion at Full Sail University. I am a current online student with Full Sail and I felt that I needed to air some grievances I had with the lack of inclusion for online students. This post will not contain the fun colorful images I usually include in my blog posts, but it will be just me talking about things that being an online student means, things we are not included in and the answer I was given when I asked the school about this.

If you are a student currently, online or campus, or considering enrolling in Full Sail as an Online student, please continue reading.

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Sunday Brunch #13 Career Module 1: Personal Branding Course overview and wrap up

The Career Module 1: Personal Branding course is usually paired with Project and portfolio 1. Because I am in the middle of a change of enrollment I wasn’t required to do the Project and portfolio course as it would have been for Computer animation and I won’t be in this degree program next month. The Career module courses all students take as they are added into the degree program’s course load.

This is the overview and wrap up of Career Module 1: Personal Branding.

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Switching Degree Programs @ Full Sail University

Changing your degree with Full Sail University.

I was going to do a video for this and may still however, I feel I am more articulate when typing. I decided I’d add this to the blog here for others who are curious as to how to change your degree and the steps to take to do that.

Before I begin I’d like to first note that I am changing my degree after I completed my core 4 classes as well as after having received my Launch box for the degree program I was enrolled in. I will give details on the process, the launch box as well as other items to keep in mind.

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