Sunday Brunch #9 Fundamentals Of Physical Science Week 1

Sunday Brunch #9 Fundamentals of Physical Science Week 1

Yea the name causes even the most seasoned student to cringe. The idea of a college level physical science course is the stuff of nightmares. Required, but not wanted. To think we students, pay good money and a lot of it to be subjected to this…. Too Much? LOL No actually I had it all wrong…… Follow me….

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Sunday Brunch #8 – College Mathematics Course Wrap Up and Hello Fundamentals of Physical Science

Did we make it? Is it over?

Finally, math class is in the books. My grade I am guessing as I don’t know right now because still waiting on final grades to be done but I believe I got a B, so I am good with that. Kills my straight As I was shooting for, but this class was challenging.

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Sunday Brunch #7 – College Mathematics Week 3


This week I did something a little bit different because I wanted to finally roll out the vlog. I recorded a video which talks about the first 3 weeks of College Mathematics as well as going forward. I won’t be doing a formal Sunday Brunch Post this week as I have way more Math to do yet and I …. well…… watch the video and you will see.


Sunday Brunch will do a full wrap up of College Mathematics next Sunday

Sunday Brunch #5: College Mathematics Week 1 Review

Sunday Brunch 9/1/18 College Mathematics Week 1 Review:

Okay so at 11:59 last Sunday I was here posting the Sunday brunch and waiting for the math class to open up. I have to say when it did I was dreading looking at what was in store. Finally, at around 12:30 I looked…….

First impression: OMG!

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Sunday Brunch #3: Week 3 Art History

Sunday Brunch #3  8/19/18 Art History Week 3 Wrap Up

Hello everyone! So glad to see you came back I truly hope that doing every week is giving some bit of insight into this class. I will let you in on a little secret… I didn’t seek out anything any student current or former had done regarding the courses in the computer animation course. When I’d made the decision to switch my degree I thought, “I’d better see what I am in for” I did just that and set out to create a space for students coming into these courses to help inform them of what to expect. As I stated these will eventually be a vlog I just haven’t gotten there yet but plan on it. Me and my hatred to be on camera. But I had an idea and I may run with it so be on the lookout for that.

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Sunday Brunch #1: New site, Week 1 Art History and the Future Vlog

Good evening everyone!!! I’ve decided to start over the Sunday Brunch series because as you can see we are at the .com website for Nerdishgeek 🙂

New Site:

So, after painstakingly going over this WordPress installation I finally managed to figure out how to make it the main wubba lubb hub for the site. Being able to keep everything here is going to be beneficial going forward until I can decide where I want to move the domain to, if I want to move the domain or just buy more space here…. I don’t know that’s in the future. For now, we just maintain as we are.

How we digging this new look? I kind of think it’s appealing but I am biased. Let me know what you all think. I am planning on adding a new index page so the .com will be a sort of landing page with information etc. I just haven’t gotten to that. Any who now that we’ve gone over the site changes I am sure you are asking yourself, “What about Animation Geek?” Well since my degree is changing to a film making focus I have decided to shelf animation geek for the time being. There is no saying I won’t go back to it however, at this time I feel that it might be more work than I want to do and that this set up is far easier to maintain. Let’s be honest Nerdishgeek has always been my brand so it makes sense to use it. Continue reading →